My research began with an experiential learning journey to the Broadway Bridge in Ann Arbor. This area is notable in that it brings together dichotomous life experiences as the bridge overhang provides a shelter from the elements. At the same time, it’s abutted on the south side by a dog park and bordered by a bike path.
 I was inspired by outsider art, such as that of the visionary artist Eddie Owens Martin.
 Exhibits that effectively deal with hidden or “invisible” states include     “Many Faces of Our Mental Health”   at the Boston Museum of Science…
 … As well as the exhibit focused on immigration,  “Baggage Claims”  , Weatherspoon Art Museum (above, “Nostalgia” by Yoan Capote).
 I employed a wide range of research and making methods for this project. Finding the right tools for the exhibit was imperative, thus I experimented with 3D modeling, laser cutting, and Arduino-based microcontrollers.  Being from a humanities background, it was important to me to use my strengths in this project, which is why I relied heavily on creative interview activities, on-the-spot street and cafe surveying, literature reviews, and ethnographic practices.
Initial Direction
 This version was designed in Illustrator before being laser cut, finished and assembled.   A resonance test for this version provided some of the metaphorical image distortion that I was aiming for but wasn’t quite as arresting as I’d hoped.
  PostSecret  is a project comprised of postcards individuals mail in with their secrets.  Similarly, the  Whisper app  allows users to create anonymous posts. Both the PostSecret and Whisper Twitter feeds include photos of anonymous participants’ secrets, allowing for harvesting and caching via a Get Request function.
Moveable Interface
 An alternate version of the cross-out poem interface.
Current version
Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.09.15 PM.png
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